Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amanda Vasquez Literary Analysis

     The Mending wall by Robert Frost, Slam Dunk and Hook by Yusef Komunyakaa, Common Ground by Judith Ortiz  Cofer and The service of Faith and Promotion of Justice in Jesuit Higher education by Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach  all have something in common. Each poem relates back to one them. Coming together with the people surrounding you.  In my opinion a community that is united together is stronger then anything else. These poems also relate back to the Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera because when the community came together in the end they were able to save the whales from dying. “Oneness” was a belief by the tribe and I think these four poems consist of that too.
    In Mending walls by Robert Frost the two neighbors have a disagreement about the wall between them.  One believes that they shouldn’t have one up because it separates them from becoming close neighbors. I agree because when you don’t even know one another then you should give them a chance and not exclude yourself from that person right away.  This also relates back to Whale Rider because Koro did not give Kahu a chance since she was a girl but in the end that’s all he needed to save the whales.
   In Slam, Dunk and Hook by Yusef Komunyakaa it explains how his relationship with basketball helped him through a rough time in his life.  The day his mother died he played basketball all that the “backboard splintered”. This shows that a relationships are so important in life because if can get you through the toughest times and all you need is someone or something that will always be there for you to get you through it.
     In the Common Ground by Judith Ortiz Cofer shows how relationships can affect you physically and emotionally. The narrator was seeing the same characteristics that her family members have. This shows how your family is such a big part of your life and always will be.
   In  The Service and Promotion of Justice in Jesuit Higher education also shares a similar them within the text. Kolvenbach promotes unity within a community. He explains how important it is to have a close relationship within your community around you. It is a good way to stay connected with each other and help one another to reach their goals and whenever they need someone their for them. 

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