Thursday, September 27, 2012

iExamen 1 - Jessica LaTona

Jessica LaTona

            I never realized how different everyone is when it comes to communicating with one another until I really had to pay attention to it.  Communication is such an important part of anyone’s day whether it be through technology or face-to-face.  When I was having a conversation with my roommate about an event with both attended a few nights ago, I noticed that when an exciting part of the conversation arose I would begin to talk with my hands excessively.  Being from an Italian background, I find it common to use my hands in normal conversations.  However, I noticed that when my roommate got excited during the conversation she just could not remain in her seat.  She had to keep moving or get up from her chair.  This showed me how people interact different to the same feelings or situations.
            Another thing I noticed was a common symbol of stress that my roommate and I share.  Whenever we are both doing our homework at our desks in our dorm, we both keep our hair in a bun on the top of our heads.  This may seem like a silly little fact to notice, but everyone deals with stress in his or her own way.  I have always done this to help keep me calm while doing my homework or any stressful situation that I need to concentrate on.
            The hour that I needed to disconnect from technology was pretty difficult.  I am a big awkward texter and I always have my phone in my hand, so having it off for an entire hour was a little hard to deal with.  However, being disconnected allowed me to escape into my own mind and think about whatever I wanted without worrying about answering a call, text, or email.  I was able to reach total happiness and be a peace for a full hour without any interruptions.  Being disconnected was the most relaxing, calming, and carefree feeling I have experienced.  I never realized how dependent I was on my phone or laptop until I could not use them.  I was so calm at one point I closed my eyes just to escape into my thoughts and I actually fell asleep.  Sleeping to me is the most relaxing thing I can do.  It also allows me to escape into my dreams, and keep me in a happy state of mind so I can be at peace from the moment I close my eyes to moment I open them.  Usually when I nap or dose off my phone will ring five minutes later and make me irritated.  That is not a good state to be in falling back to sleep.  I was glad I went the full hour and I actually went a little longer than an hour since I did fall asleep.

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