Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sean McGrory- iExamen 9/26/2012

            I have chose to do my iExamen on a Tuesday because this is one of my less busy days. Which really allowed me to not only self-examine myself but also I was able to see how I interacted with my friends, teachers, and the whole Loyola Community. This exercise, which is a tradition of the Jesuits, really taught me a lot about who I am.       
            I learned that I am a pretty friendly person by how I say hi to everyone I know around campus and see how they are doing. I really don’t see how I communicate with people by what I wear. Though I did notice how I communicate with people by my body language. I communicate with other with my body language by waving to people I know and being kind when holding a door open for someone. I know these are only small things to do but it can really make someone having a bad day feel better.  I lastly noticed that I communicate much more easily with my friends and classmates on Facebook or by txt messaging than in the classroom with face-to-face conversations. I actually now kind of see this as a problem because it shows that I rely to heavily on technology today. I think that it is better to have face-to-face conversations with people because it makes it more personal with each person.
            At the end of the day I turned of all my electronic devices for one hour to see how I would relate to myself and the rest of the world around me. I found it at first a little overwhelming because for much of my entire life I relied on technology. I actually felt lost and distant from the world. Though after awhile I started to see it as a positive thing. This is because it made me more relaxed and actually forced me to have face-to-face conversations with people, which I felt I got more out of. It made my conversations much deeper and more personal then just sending a Facebook message or a txt message to one of my friends.
            When that hour of no technology was over I felt less relaxed then I did before. I noticed with all my technology I was always keeping busy and being active. I actually found out that all the technology that I use daily really stresses me out sometimes. I actually thought coming into this exercise that I would feel so lost and more stressed without all my technology. I proved that to be not the case after all. I actually found out that it is not a bad thing to sometimes disconnect ourselves from all of our technology that we use today. 

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