Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ariana Spagna - iExamen 1

I never thought I would be one of those somewhat self – absorbed people constantly on their phones, computers, or what have you, but before doing this experiment, I have come to the realization that I am slowly fitting that persona.  Because our society is so technologically advanced, we miss the little, simple things in life.  Once I finished this experiment, I learned a great deal about the human being as a whole. 
            We express ourselves through many different means of communication.  For example, people have tattoos, piercings, different hairstyles; they use Facebook, tweet through twitter, or even text.  I would be critical to say that that person I just saw with blue, spiky hair is crazy, but who is to say that that is not normal?  We do not know what that person is thinking or what they are going through.  After all, who is to say that I am even normal?  Or that we are even normal?  For whatever reason, this person decided to express themselves through their hair and that is their method of communication.
            Besides communicating this way, we also do so through social networking.  I am not much of a ‘Facebooker’, but I do use my phone probably a little more than I should.  I notice that what I say over the phone, or what I tweet, is generally what I would say to someone in person; so maybe I am not so warped in the technological world.  My friends have told me that everything I say to them, seems exactly the same as to what I would tell them over the phone or via text; meaning that I do not seem like a completely different person when I speak in person.  And I actually do know people who are completely different texters, than communicators in public.
            Surprisingly, the task that I was assigned, to remove all electronic communication for an hour, lasted for about three days for me.  I had lost my phone this past weekend, which was totally coincidental.  To be honest, I thought I was going to go mad without being able to keep up with my friends at other colleges or just having a usual daily text convo, but I managed to handle it very well.  The main way of communication that I used for the weekend was face – to – face.  After partaking in this method for three days, I truly learned a lot from it.
            I have realized that face – to – face conversations is something many of us take for granted (or at least I do).  Face – to – face conversations bring a more realistic factor to the table, because they involve body language and they tell so much more than words.  You are able to look at the person you are talking to, determine what they might be feeling because of the certain presence or vibe they are giving off, and have a much stronger connection.
            When first starting this experiment, I thought I was going to have a very difficult time without technological communication.  I went into it thinking that I would not have anything to preoccupy myself with, but after doing this, I now realized that would much rather speak to people in person, because it just makes things that much better in the way that so much more can be offered, rather than being behind a screen.

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