Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iExamen-Haley Pollard

Haley Pollard
Understanding Literature
Dr. Ellis

1st iExamen

            The iExamen is a technique that allows one to observe and reflect upon one’s self, image, behavior and other characteristics that make one unique in order to get a better understanding of how one interacts and communicates with others. Overall, an iExamen can help to clearly and effectively enhance one’s communication skills with others by encouraging self-reflection upon one’s behavioral and interactive skills. During the time of my iExamen, I came across quite a few challenges but also gained a greater understanding of myself. By making casual observations about my appearance and mannerisms, I learned to see myself in a new and different
I had my doubts about whether or not I would be able to observe anything significant that could change the way I interact with others. I found that initially it wasn’t what I would say to people that would make the difference; it was the perception that I built around myself that would. From there I shifted my focus to my appearance and the way I thought people perceived me. I realized that I constantly smile all the time, not only because I consider myself a very jovial person, but because I know that even the little things, like a smile in the hallway, can make a person’s day at least that much better. I also noticed that I keep a mental checklist when I’m conversing with someone: keeping eye-contact, not fidgeting, and listening to what people have to say rather than making the conversation about myself. I find in most cases that people love to talk about themselves. Therefore, I found that by showing interest in the person I was talking to I was able to make them feel that much more comfortable around me.
Technology is something that, in today’s society, is a necessity in order to stay connected and socialize with the rest of the world. I felt as though it would be cheating to say that I turned off all the technology in my room while I was at lacrosse practice; it’s safe to say that it would defeat the purpose of the assignment. Instead I chose to spend my hour technology-less outside at a bench doing my homework. It was probably the longest hour of my life, considering for a majority of it I was reading about Pythagoreans and Nietzsche philosophy. But I guess looking back it was probably just a nice way to relax and forget about what was around me. I’m not saying it was something I’d want to do again and again, just being realistic. I found that after my hour was up I went back to my room to check my phone for any notifications like always. I do, however, think that it was a nice way for me to get all my homework done. Maybe next time it won’t be an assignment taking away my technology that will keep me from procrastinating.

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