Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sean McGrory Event 9/20

           I attended the 2012 Commitment to Justice Lecture on “Prophecy, Civility, &Truth: A Reflection on the Upcoming Election” it was a very enlightening experience for me. The key speaker that spoke was M. Cathleen Kaven who was named the John P. Murphy Foundation professor of law and of theology at the University of Notre Dame Law School. There was three big points that she stressed throughout her whole lecture, which was prophecy, civility, and truth.
            Kaven spoke about prophecy that dealt with the prediction of the upcoming election. She discussed different ways of foreshadowing in politics even more particular how the up coming election would play out. She mentioned the necessary tools and insight that is needed to be able to foretell the outcome of politics today.
            The second big part of her lecture had to do with the teaching on Civility. Civility has to do with having respect for one another and oneself. It also though can go beyond just having respect for your neighbor it can be used in politics as well. One way it can be used in politics is by having respect for your opponent. This means that you run a clean race and don’t try to run a dirty campaign where you just slander your opponent. You see them as equals and not that you are better then them. This is something that you do not see regularly practiced in politics today.
            Most campaigns today always have a dirty side to them. It is a shame that people cannot just run a clean and respectable campaign. You are not only hurting your opponent when you are slandering them you are also hurting yourself. This is because you a downgrading yourself and you know you can do much better and know it is truly wrong.
            The final big point she makes in her speech has to deal with Truth. This most certainly plays such a larger part in politics today. It is so hard to find lawyers and politicians today that are always putting the truth above everything else. You always hear about politicians and lawyers going for the win and not worrying about it they are really exposing the truth or not. They are getting involved in politics and law for all the wrong reasons if this is they’re reasoning behind it.
            They need to see the true message behind politics and law. This message is that above all truth should always come first. Without true honesty in law you truly have nothing. Politics would function so much better today if politicians would use the truth in their campaigns and not false advertising. Politics has along way to becoming much better and honest but it will hopefully get there soon. The truth again plays a big role in law by it works so much better if people are honest about the laws they create and break on a daily bases. If we could just all strive to follow the laws a lot more strictly and truthfully the world would become a much better and peaceful place.
            In the lecture M. Cathleen Kaven you can learn a great deal of new ways of thinking and new information. Some of these new ideas and points she stresses throughout her speech is prophecy, civility, and truth. All three of these points can be greatly applied to real life situations. They all also have to do with politics today. I have learned how to use all three of these concepts to better my life and others around me.


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