Wednesday, September 26, 2012

iExamen 1 Christie Fitzgerald

Christie Fitzgerald
September 26, 2012
iExamen 1      
      Initially, when reading the directions to the first iExamen, I was not sure how I was going to convey the way I interacted with people in my daily life through an essay. I chose last Monday to notice the way I interacted with my friends, classmates, teachers and other faculty. I decided to pick a weekday, because I thought it would be important to display the way I interacted with people who were my superiors, like teachers or other workers at school.
            When I woke up on Monday morning, the first person I interacted with was my roommate. We were friendly as we discussed our classes and what we had going on later in the day. I was not attempting to impress her in any way, and used short sentences, sometimes with only one word, and she did the same. After I left my dorm, I interacted with my teachers in my classes. When talking to my teachers, I was much more formal with my speech and the way I addressed them. I called them “Professor” instead of using a first name or even “Mrs.” or “Mr.” At this point of the day, I found myself constantly checking Twitter or Facebook on my phone, trying to keep up with everyone and their schedules. As sad as it is, I find myself getting overwhelmed if I haven’t checked Twitter and Facebook for a while. After I was done with my classes I also interacted with the workers in Boulder as I was getting lunch. I made sure to be friendly to them, and always say “thank you”, to show that I appreciated their work. At this point of the day I was texting my friends to meet up for lunch like we always do. If someone texted me “Lunch?” I would respond short and simple like they did. If someone texted me “Wanna get food?!?!!?” I would respond something along the lines, “Yes!!! I’m starving!!!”, with a lot of exclamation points. Sitting down for lunch with my friends, I was much more relaxed. I could use sarcasm and humor when I spoke, and not be worried that I was offending anyone, and they interacted the same way with me. Leaving lunch, if I passed someone I’ve met a few times, I would wave and say “Hey, what’s up?” or just give a friendly smile.
            Like I said before, I find myself getting somewhat stressed out when I realize I have a lot to catch up with online. I thought it was going to be difficult for me to turn my phone off for even a short hour. However, I decided to turn it off when I had studying and homework to get done. That way, I could be caught up in that. After the hour was up, I realized that time really did fly by. It was nice to just shut my phone off and tell myself that I literally cannot look at it. I think it’s important for anyone to turn themselves off from the technological world and go read a book or even just sit outside for a little bit. 

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