Thursday, November 29, 2012

Event 11/29 -Sean McGrory

I attended for my first time the Zen Meditation on Tuesday night. I found it to be a real life changing experience. It really made me take time for myself and just be able to focus on how I was feeling. It helped me take a break from my hectic schedule. I learned many great techniques to relax and really focus on my train of thought.

             There was one certain question that i focused on for the longest time. The question was to remember a love story from a friend or oneself. I found this at first to be quite funny. I thought of all the different love story that involved my friends over the years. There was so many that keep popping up in my head but to this day I still never forgot one of my first ones that involved me. Though I don’t know if I would call it a love story but more of a crush.
             This one story I don’t really remember much since I was only about four years old but has been told to me many times by my mom. I was down the shore for a week of vacation like we always do but something unexpected happened. We would always go to this ice cream shop at night. On one of these trips to get ice cream I meet a little girl who out of nowhere just gave me a kiss on my lips and then ran back to her parents. Being as young as I was I was embarrassed and didn’t not fully realize what was going on it. It is now that I understand and laugh about what I know really happened.
            I think my story really relates to the Twelfth Night play by Shakespeare. This play makes you really see the distinction between what it means to just have a crush on someone. For example, that you are only physical attracted to someone there is nothing much deeper that makes you want to be with that person. You truly don’t really know who they are as and individual. It usually doesn’t always last long either. Though being in love with someone is a totally different meaning. You truly want to be with that person on such a deeper level than just the physical stuff. You actually like the person for who they are and don’t want to change anything about them. This type of love is most certainly eternal. It is the purest of all as well. Throughout the play you see great examples of this with all the main characters and makes it come alive to you. Viola is one big example for what it means to be in love. She truly loves the Duke on a much deeper level, which you can see, by her actions. She demonstrates her love by following all the tasks the Duke wants her to fulfill knowing that it could mean making some other girl fall in love with him. You can see she truly loves him by how she is putting his needs and desires above and beyond hers.  I really could see my different friends in each of the characters of this play.      
            I would have to say that I have learned many great things in this class over the past couple of months. Though the one most surprising thing I have learned would have to be when I attended the events that had to do with Native American culture. I learned such a shocking and horrific things. Though there is one thing I will never forget from it was learning about the holocaust of such a tremendous amount of Indian deaths. I have never before known that it was of such magnitude. Throughout all my years of studying history in school I have never found it to be in any of my texts books in great detail about this horrific event that took place on in my own country. It made me really shocked and appalled that this event even took place. I cannot image how much these people must of suffered. It truly is one of the world’s most social injustices. 

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