Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Event Analysis 11/29

            The week before break I watched the sequence of plays performed by the theater crew called “Bob Rauschenberg America”. While it only lasted an hour and a half these many “one-acts” captivated me for the entire time. Set up as a trip across America, the play seemingly moves through time portraying all aspects of human nature. The play went into love and romances along with success and struggle.  While some parts were confusing, as they seemed to come out of left field, the scene still maintained the overall theme of delightful and entertaining. I am not one for plays, as I fell asleep in the Nutcracker a few years back, but this play kept me entertained. It transitioned from act to act quickly and kept my youthful mind and me focused and attentive. These days young minds seem to have shorter and shorter attention spans but this play kept the entire audience entertained. This play seemed appropriate for our Jesuit institution because as a Jesuit, we take on the outlook of our world as one full of richness and wonder as well as problems and challenges, very similar to events occurring in “Bob Rauschenberg America”.
            Throughout my first semester in college, I felt this English class helped me open my eyes about more than just my surroundings. Through our weekly cultural events, or my transportation analysis trip with Chris, I really felt a stronger connection with not only Loyola, but its surrounding community of Baltimore. While the class title reads “Understanding Literature”, the class is much deeper than that. The readings and poems we read were deeper than face value and coming into this class I never read that way before. I feel I’ve become a more critical reader and writer. I read and write now with a purpose and try to analyze what I’m trying to say, rather than simply spit facts out. While my writing is very concise, it explains exactly what I’m feeling, thinking and hoping to express.  I’m happy I took this class my first semester freshman year, as it set me off on the right foot for my future time here at Loyola. 

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