Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sean McGrory-11/1 Event analysis

            I attended Loyola’s State of the University address by President Linnane. This was his eight consecutive timing giving this speech. He spoke about how much eagerness he had in taking part in all the different aspects of the University. He told us about the plan to improve the University that they launched in the fall of 2008 and was excepted to go through 2013, that most of these goals had been fulfilled. This is a great accomplishment for the Loyola Community.
            This however didn’t mean that the University did not have any room for more improvement. He spoke that everyday the faculty, students, and the entire Loyola Community are taking strides to make this university in to the best institution it can possibly be. President Linnane spoke about the new mission of Loyola, which was called “Grounded in Tradition, Educating for the Future.” These goals of this new mission are mostly long range but everyday we are making progress as a community to accomplish them. The expected date of these goals is 2015. One goal of this new plan is to create living learning groups for all of the first-year students. They have even already come up with the name of this program to be called Messina. This name was chosen in honor of the city in Sicily, which served as a place for Jesuits’ first founded college that allowed lay students.
            Loyola has also made tremendous strides recently in educating student-athletes. Over this past summer Loyola was invited to join the Patriot League. This League is significantly known for student-athletes performance on the field and in the classrooms as well. This is such an enormous honor Loyola has received because it means that there student athletes will be competing with some of the highly rated institutions such as Colgate and Lafayette. 
            Finally President Linnane spoke about how all of these tremendous accomplishments and recognition Loyola has been receiving in the past years doesn’t mean that there is no room from improvement.  He even went on to say how he wanted one of Loyola’s goals to be become the nation’s leading Catholic university. He even specified saying “Not of the leading. The leading” meaning that he wanted Loyola to be the top number one Catholic university of the country. We are supposed to set the example of how all the other schools should act and learn. I think this is a huge goal for the Loyola Community but I think one day with everyone’s help it can be accomplished.
            I think the poem Directions for Resisting the SAT has a great comparison to what Loyola is striving to do. This is to make history and leave our mark on the community and even the world. Loyola doesn’t just want to be in the shadows of the other university it wants to strive to be the best possible school it can be and give so much to the community as well. 
            There is another poem that can also greatly relate to the speech giving by President Linnane. This poem is called First Practice its speaks about a coach that is trying to instill motivation and determination in his players. I think this is exactly what President Linnane is trying to do with this speech. He is showing us how great our University has turned out over the past years but how there is still so much potential we have to make it even better. In a way Linnane is like the coach in the poem and the entire Loyola Community is his players listing to the message that is being said. 

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