Friday, November 2, 2012

Event Analysis 11/1/12- Max McLaughlin

Working To Its Fullest Potential
            Last Thursday, I attended the show of bobrauschenbergamerica directed by my Stagecraft professor, James Knipple.  This was a very different show, and I have never seen a show like this in all of my years of going to theater productions.  I will say, however, that this show had an amazing meaning to it.  The message of this play is about a group of friendly teenagers working hard, together, to reach that certain goal of excellence and happiness.  Also, this play has the same message as the poem First Practice by Gary Gildner.  In order to reach a dream or a goal, hard work has to be applied and pushed through the soul and body, at its fullest potential. 
The overall plot of bobrauschenbergamerica is about the life and love of the painter Robert Rauschenberg.  Robert Rauschenberg will be remembered for his amazing paintings that captured the eye of so many people and aspiring artists in the world today.  Robert showed the world of art that creating pieces of work doesn’t only have to be by just painting.  Works of art can be made by: newspapers, printer paper, wood, metal, fabrics, candy rappers, toilet paper, and etc.  Robert proved to the world that every material out there is special and that anyone can make anything out of anything and it can still be beautiful and attract a human eye.  On the whole, Mr. Rauschenberg reached his dream of becoming a special artist.  With making works of art out of different materials, it showed everyone and especially himself that goals can be reached if obstacles are conquered along the path to excellence.  Mr. Rauschenberg reached his goal because of his drive and hard work; he worked himself to his fullest potential. 
In the play, the group of teenagers all knew what being a teenager was like.  Being a teenager is fun but it does have its downs as well.  The teenage era is very tough, inside, because of all the drama that surrounds a certain person.  Drama, either it being good or bad, can really affect a person.  If friends are helping each one another out, then contentment will follow.  Contentment is the overall goal of these teenagers in the play, and each one of these teenagers reaches it by the closing scene of the play.  Working together as a group can really do wonders. 
In this very short but amazing poem, First Practice, by Gary Gildner, a youth football player is hurt in the beginning.  The player is sitting in the doctor’s room getting checked on when a man with a cigar appears.  That man is the youth player’s coach.  This is no ordinary coach, nevertheless this coach is an ex-military soldier who has signed on to help and guide this football team in the right direction during the first day of practice.  We all know that ex-military soldiers have this hardworking mind sense, and to be honest, it is a lot better for this football team.  Football is a very tough sport, physically and mentally.  You need the whole body and soul to be on board, to achieve excellence.  I agree, 100%, with the decision of bringing in an ex-military man to be a coach.  Yes, it will be hard at times for these youth players, but if you think about it, it is a lot better than bringing on this random man who has no idea how to play the sport of football and push the sport of excellence out of a person.  There is no doubt in my mind that this football coach will do an amazing job.  The coach and players have to keep with it, and if they all do that together, then that goal of excellence and happiness at the end of the season will be attainable, no matter if it is a winning or losing season or even getting a title.  This poem can also be looked at as the coach teaching the team not only lessons on the football season, but lessons for later life.  The hard work is what counts.
           In conclusion, both bobrauschenbergamerica and First Practice, have that matching overall message of working hard to its fullest potential.  It will be a hard path along the way, but when that goal is reached, the teenagers in the play and the youth football players in the poem, will learn so much that he or she never known before.  They will all reach that dream and they will all look back and realize how special that time or event was.

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