Tuesday, November 13, 2012

York Road

            This past Tuesday I joined the York road walk to see why everyone talks so negatively about that area. Surrounded by generally false stereotypes, my perception as to what York Road was going to be like was negatively favored. I thought it was going to be run down, rampant drug usage and put me completely out of my native element.  I decided to go with an open mind however and see what it was all about. I learned the history of York Road, which dates back to the 18th century. It was first made as a wagon road to transport goods back in the day, however in 1909 or so the MSRC, or Maryland State Roads Commission, developed it into a turnpike known today as “45”. Its name was derived from the settlement “York” and the road was used to connect that settlement to the Baltimore ports for trade, and thus its name “York Road”. While the tour was enlightening, I felt the history behind the road itself was far more interesting considering we use that road nearly everyday. While many believe York Road to be dangerous, it has its parts. Our tour guide Ben pointed out beauty amongst the rubble. He organized a state road clean up in April and tried to clean up the rough areas and make them a better place. Loyola also contributed their part and helped the community by giving back and cleaned up with them all over Baltimore. While that is only a little contribution, it matters. Loyola’s Jesuit tradition was in action as they gave back to the community. While getting up was a struggle for this early tour, I learned something that not everybody can take away from their time here at Loyola. York Road has a history behind it, and it is not simply a road to avoid and to be cautious of. 

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