Monday, November 5, 2012

"Its the Law: A Rap Poem" by S. Pearl Sharp

In the poem, “It’s the Law: A Rap Poem” by S. Pearl Sharp the law’s of America are criticized and the speaker wants our country to focus more on the love that we have lost. In the poem the speaker explains how there is a law for everything, even where to park your hog. The speaker thinks that there are too many laws and we make the laws. The speaker suggests that the way we act results in all the laws we have in the U.S. Therefore the speaker is suggesting, “ That our vision of love is going blind”. In other words we need to start respecting others and ourselves. There is no law to make brotherly love but if we treat other the way we want to be treated the world would be a much better place.
            Sharp lists many laws that are not true such as; “We got laws for cool cats & laws for dirty dogs”. Here Sharp is trying to show how silly some of the laws are that we have in place today and bring some humor into the poem. The speaker explains how the laws started all the way back from ’86 but we need to change if we want these laws to be in our favor, in other words not hurt us. I feel the theme of the poem is treating someone the way you want to be treated. Also another theme could be love and unity. The speaker wants to dig deeper into a person’s perception of the U.S. but does this by using a poem that is a rap to bring in a bit of humor. Overall, the speaker is successful in telling the reader’s that our vision of love is changing and we need to change in order to get back to being a better country. 

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