Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Twelfth Night Auction- Matt Sandelands

The Twelfth Night Auction

Last week, I attended an event called the ‘PMEX Auction’. It was an auction to help raise money for Project Mexico. This analysis will relate that event to The Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare. The event that I attended relates strongly to Twelfth Night and the Jesuit education as a whole. The play and the event touched me and made me think back to different experiences in my life that relate to the Jesuit education.
            In Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, Orsino (the Duke) is constantly trying to win over the love of Olivia. I relate this to the auction. Orsino does everything he can do to try and win over Olivia. He is madly in love (or so he thinks) with Olivia and he sends over many people to try and woo her. In relation to an auction, I see it as Orsino keeps on bidding for Olivia. He gets out-bid every single time, but he keeps on bidding more in attempt to win her over. The same can be said for the way Olivia feels for Cesario/Viola. Olivia has fallen in love with Cesario/Viola and keeps trying to get Cesario/Viola to love her back. In Act III, Scene 1, Olivia and Viola even talk for a while and Viola keeps on rejecting Olivia after her many attempts at wooing. In relation to the auction, it can be seen that Olivia is constantly bidding on Cesario/Viola. Viola keeps rejecting her, and in the sense of the auction, Olivia keeps getting out-bid. It is funny that it can be related this way. Orsino is trying to bid on Olivia, while Olivia is trying to bid of Cesario/Viola. Both of them are getting ‘out-bid’ by the other person rejecting them. It does not stop Orsino or Olivia though from getting what they want, so they keep on bidding in attempts at winning over the love.
            Also in relation to the auction, sometimes you bid on something without knowing what it truly is. I put a bid on a basket that was full of ‘sports’ contents. I had no idea what it truly was, but I bid on it anyway because it looked interesting. In relation to Twelfth Night, not knowing the true identity of a person is a common theme. When Sebastian enters the scene, people think that he is Cesario. Feste and Olivia and many others think that Sebastian is Cesario, because they are twins. By people thinking that Sebastian is Cesario, he starts to question his sanity. In the end, it all works out and his true identity is revealed, as is Viola’s. In the end of the auction, the true identity of the basket was revealed. I did not bid high enough for the basket, so I did not win, but my friend won and the contents were better than what the basket originally showed. False identity and disguise are major themes of Twelfth Night, and disguise could definitely be an attribute of an auction, even if it is not on purpose.
            The auction was a great experience. I have gone to the PMEX auction every year that I have been to Loyola. It is a great tradition and it is a great way to raise money for the trip for Project Mexico. Every time I am there, I totally feel the sense of the Jesuit education. A lot of people come together and support the cause by bidding on several different items. The spirit of community and service is all wrapped in one. It is an awesome feeling to be there and to help out. Even though I am not going to Mexico for the service aspect, it was great to be there in support and bid to help raise money.
            This class this semester has been a lot of fun. I was not expecting to have this much fun in a literature class. The most exciting aspect of the class, for me, was the lively discussion. Each presentation led to great discussions about all of the literature that we read. It was lively, fun and entertaining. I always enjoyed listening to people’s stories and thoughts and ideas. It was a great learning and bonding experience. There has not been a class at Loyola for me before this class that I felt like I had truly bonded with the entire class. The entire class was always engaged and excited for the material. I definitely enjoyed this class very much, and the discussions were my favorite part. 

Matt Sandelands
Event Analysis

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