Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Event Analysis 11/29

             On November 16th, I attended the Project Mexico Auction in McGuire Hall. This was the first time that I had ever attended the auction, and I found it to be a lot of fun and a great way to fundraise for a great cause! It was great to see members of the Loyola community come together to bid and raise money to support Project Mexico, which sends sophomore, junior and senior students to Mexico each year for many service opportunities. I did not bid on anything myself, being the broke college student that I am, however the overall experience was one that will keep me coming back to the event for years to come.
             With all the craziness from the past few weeks with Thanksgiving and break I had actually forgotten that I could use this event as a source for this analysis. After reading William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night I’ve come to realize that there are many connections that can be made between the reading and the auction itself. Auctions are all about taking chances, bidding on items and hopefully winning with the bids you make. I find that these themes are reflected in Twelfth Night, as many of the characters take chances on the ones that they love, or even the ones they think they love. Viola, disguised as The Duke’s servant, Cesario, knows that the Duke loves, or claims to love, Olivia, who does not share the same feelings for him. However, even though Viola knows that the Duke loves Olivia, she is still faithful to him and continues to serve him in disguise. The Duke says to Viola, “So far beneath your soft and tender breeding, And since you call’d me master for so long, Here’s my hand: you shall from this time be Your master’s mistress (V.i.69).” This shows the Duke’s appreciation for Viola’s service, loyalty and faithfulness to him, which brings them closer together and allows the Duke to realize his true feelings for Viola.
            This is a message that came across quite clearly while at the auction as well. For the past few months that I’ve been attending Loyola, I’ve come to realize that everyone here has a passion for helping and supporting others. That is a part of the Jesuit tradition that I value the most, and the faith and loyalty of the student body at this school was ever-present at the auction. There’s nothing more special than a community coming together to support each other and help make a difference in the world. The auction has helped me to realize this and has further inspired me to make a difference in my school as well as my community back home.
            I want to recognize the fact that this class helped me to explore the many events going on around campus, such as the auction. If it weren't for the weekly Event Analyses, I wouldn't have become as involved in the Loyola community as I am today. Joining clubs, seeing plays, visiting museums and even attending meditation has helped me to further appreciate all that Loyola has to offer outside the classroom with my peers and friends. Therefore, I would have to say it is one of the things that I enjoyed most in the class, as I will now be able to look for more ways to become involved on campus.

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