Thursday, November 15, 2012

Event Analysis- Sean McGrory 11/15

              I attended the Louis Eagle Warrior presentation. This presentation was given by Louis Eagle Warrior who is a Native American performer specializing in the Native American flute. The tribe that he is associated with is the Eastern Lenape Indian Nation.  Eagle Warrior’s "Spirit Tracker," was nominated for three different Native American music awards. His music is said to accurately represent the tradition of music that has been played for thousands of years by his people.
           The Native American flute that he plays with produces such a unique, captivating, and haunting sound all together. I had truly never heard anything like it in my lifetime. The flute is said to be one of the oldest non-percussion instrument in the Americas dating back so many centuries. Louis Eagle Warrior is also well known for creating and producing “Spirit of American Indian Music and Dance.” This is an awesome lively production, which includes Native American singers, dancers, and drummers.
            He also talked a good amount about the history and culture of Native Americans. He cleared up some of the stereotypes that people have made up over the years. One example is that Native Americans do not speak English this is not true. He said that almost all of them today speak English to one another. Another one he cleared up was that Indians have always been savage people. In fact though they have suffered and been abused for so many centuries by our ancestors from the start of the colonization of North America. The Native Americans have lost most of their lands. Even a large number of them have been killed for trying to protect their land. He even spoke about how The holocaust of Native Americans has been the largest number of deaths in history. When you really take the time to think about how many people have lost their lives men, women, even children it is most depressing and sickening.
            This presentation actually relates to the Novel Shane by Jack Schaefer. In the novel the main character is seen trying to defended his friends farmland from being taken by a cruel man named Fletcher. Shane actually doesn’t try to use violence to make the man stop just as the Native Americans did in the beginning with the Europeans. Though Shane does later stand up to the bullying.
            I think this shows you that both of these types of people have great strength because they resisted temptation and only fought when they knew there was no other option to solve the problem peacefully. This also shows great courage between the two because it takes a lot of guts to just sit back and be tormented by someone when you don’t even deserve it.
            Another thing is you see how both of these types of people don’t take what they have for granted. They truly cherish the land that they possess and want to do anything possible to not let anyone take it away from them. This is such a respectable quality for one person to have. The Native Americans just like Shane stand up for injustice that is being done right in front of them. Though it is sad that there was not much the Native Americans could have done to defeat it as Shane did. 

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