Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Special Connection of Love

Gabriella Gizzo                                                                                                           11/28/12
Understanding Literature                                                                                           Dr. Ellis
The Last Event Analysis
            The last service analysis consists of the drama the Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare and my overall experience with the meditation class for this semester.  I think that both the drama and the meditation class center on the themes of love because they both taught me lessons about love. 
In the Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, I learned that the meaning of true love varies for many different people.  The characters portrayal of different perspectives on the value of love shows me that some fell in love for only physical appearances, money or status in society.  However, the other characters fell in love because they feel this deep inward connection with the other person.  These characters believe that they were meant to be with this other person because they understood and appreciated each other on a special level. 
Another theme is the idea of the difference between a crush and love.  As previously discussed in class, these can mean very different things.  A crush is usually just an attraction based on physical appearances and you probably don’t know that person too well.  However, love is created through a level of appreciation for yourself and others.  One of the most important differences is that a crush is usually just one sided or the other person doesn’t how about their feelings.  However, love is a special bond created from two people who truly care about each other because they took the time to know the other person.
All throughout the Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare, conveys these messages in a very personal way because they touch each of our hearts.  Also, as previously discussed in class, we have all had crushes or been in love so this book was very relatable.  William Shakespeare is one of my favorite authors because in many of his works he always has this relatable aspect of the theme.  I found it very interesting that this theme resonated with something that we deal with on a daily basis.
I have been doing the meditation classes for the last 6 weeks.  I believe that out of everything I discovered in class, having to do the meditation class for these event analysis’s was the most surprising, interesting and fun.  In the beginning, I was nervous because I never done meditation before and wasn’t patient or flexible.  However, I really liked the class because it gave me time to reflect on myself and I established this level of inner peace.  It gave me a new perspective on life because it caused me to pause and think about my actions more.  In the end, I ended up loving the class because I found myself more in touch with myself, like on a spiritual level.  Also, I appreciate myself more because now I know that no one is perfect and it is okay to take breaks and reflect on your day. 
My last meditation class caused me to have an epiphany because during the meditation I achieved this state of recognition within myself.  I discovered a true love and appreciation for myself.  I realize how much I am blessed with because the love that God and my family have given me.  I feel that I need to remember this epiphany because every day we all should try to remember to spread a little love and appreciation.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed this weeks’ topic on love because I felt like out of all the themes, this one hit home.  I know that the Twelfth Night and the meditation class established a special connection within me.  It helped transform how I view my life at Loyola University.

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