Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kristyn Hartwyk-Event Analysis

Acts of Loyal and Determination

        Before going on Thanksgiving break, I went to the see the viewing of the movie Julie and Julia during what Loyola calls French week.  I don’t actually take french, but this a movie that I’ve heard great reviews on.  Plus, I knew the movie was on the act of cooking, so I knew I would enjoy and connect with it well.  After reading Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, I found a similarity between the characters Viola and of Julia from Julie and Julia.  Both characters became passionate about something and set their mind and heart to it.  For Viola, this passion was Duke Orsino.  For Julie, her passion was cooking.  Both gave up the special things in their lives to be loyal to their passions even if that means giving up things they love the most.  In my both stories, Julie and Viola develop passions that they feel obligated and bound to honor. 
        The movie Julie and Julia is about a young woman named Julie who sets up a blog and challenges herself to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s first, famous cook book in less than a year.  Julie tries to cook at least one recipe a day in order for her to meet her deadline.  Along the way, her obsession with her blog distracts herself from her husband who she newly wed.  Her determination to complete her project took over her life and affected the relationships with her friends and family.  Her passion for cooking and achieving the goals she set for herself encouraged her to put her values ahead of her love for the people in her life.
        In Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, Viola disguises herself so she can work for Duke Orsino  Eventually, her affection for Duke grows and consequently, so does her love.  When Duke asks Viola to speak well and highly of him to encourage Olivia to fall in love with him, she does.  Even though her love for Duke is passionate and real, her loyalty and devotion to him is even stronger.  She puts Duke over herself to ensure his happiness knowing that she is giving up her chance of happiness with Duke.
        Throughout this semester of Understanding Literature, I have learned more about myself than I could have expected.  Through going to events and blogging about it encouraged me to write about my experiences and to reflect and connect them to my reality and the things I observe everyday in my life.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned about myself is that I have a really big heart.  Living in Baltimore, I have been exposed to more poverty and crime than ever in my life.  Being exposed to this makes me feel emotional and upset towards those who are living like this.  I feel the motivation to change and fix everything.  I’ve realized that I’m not invincible and I can’t fix the world’s problem with the touch of my finger.  But I can make a difference.  Whether I become involved with service programs or other volunteer opportunities, I can leave my mark by doing good and helping others who are not as blessed and fortunate as myself.  

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