Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Event Analysis-11/29, Max McLaughlin

Love Can Be Unattainable

        When Dr. Ellis started today's class with the question of remembering a corky love story from and friend or oneself, I immediately did not know what to remember from my past.  I have to say that I was mad at myself for not doing so.  I really wanted to share a story to the class but it just was not the time I guess.  Well, during tonight's Zen Meditation in the Fava Chapel on campus, I remembered a scenario from when I was very very young.  It was a very corky event for sure and it certainly did not end well what so ever.  In the beginning of tonight's Zen Meditation, there was a 30 minute meditation process that the instructor told every one to par take in.  During this huge moment of mind cleansing, my corky love story definitely relates to Duke and Olivia in "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare.
        In "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare, the two main characters Duke and Olivia both go through a process of unattainable love.  Throughout the play, Duke loves Olivia but she falls in love with Viola and Viola really loves Duke.  As you can see, there is this crazy love triangle going on here and it is affecting both Duke and Olivia a great amount.  In the beginning of act one and during today's discussion, Duke states, "If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may be sicken, and so die."  Duke at this point is all over the place and loves so much than everyone else.  Also, Duke wants so much love that it will end up making him sick.  He is taking this to a whole another level.  If you think this is crazy, than you will think Olivia is crazy as well.  Olivia's father and brother died in the same year, and that is very sad.  If a person were to sit in the house and mourn for a couple of months, than that would be ok.  Olivia ends up mourning in her house for 7 years.  I know loosing two family members is very tough but mourning for 7 years is way too much.  She has to move on at some point because that is a part of life.  Loosing the people that you love hurts and it can lead to good or bad directions.  We, as humans, should really learn from this and move on when the time is right.  Love can go a very long way either if it lasts for a while or if it ends up to be unattainable.
        During today's 30 minute meditation process of the Zen meditation event, the remembrance of the first time I received rejection came into my eyes and soul.  Let me say that I am happy that this happened a long time ago because it opened my eyes to bigger and better situations.  One day during my preschool years, there was this girl sitting on top of this large jungle gym on the playground of my school.  Up until this day in preschool, I have had a crush on this girl for a couple of days.  So, with me seeing her sitting up on the jungle gym alone, I wanted to go sit next to her and keep her company.  With me being very young and not knowing, I got closer and closer to her and all of the sudden, I put my hand on her butt.  The aftermath was not pleasant.  She immediately pushed me off the jungle gym and I had to go home very early from school.  I got this big cut on my knee cap from that fall.  Up until this very day, I can say that I have learned my lesson because I would not be telling you this corky story if I didn't, and also there is a scar on my knee cap from that very day.  I never got the chance to talk to this girl again and the love was unattainable.  I loved this girl so much that it got me hurt.  From what I remember, I can say that I moved on quickly and it did not really affect me down the long run.  I did not sit in my home for 7 years, rather, I went out and tried again.
        In conclusion, Duke and Olivia in "Twelfth Night" relate to my story because of the fact that love was overall unattainable.  It is important that we move on from this and that we understand that love, a good amount of the time, is unattainable.  

Semester Question:  I would say that going to the museum on the city bus was the most interesting/fun/inspiring event throughout this whole semester.  I expanded my horizons on life and the surroundings of where I go to school, Baltimore.  There was a lot about Baltimore that I did not know and I feel that it was amazing to experience Federal Hill.  It was also good to know what goes on outside of your comfort zone areas.  There are a good amount of people who do not have homes in Baltimore and who live out on the streets.  It was sad to see but it also inspired me to really work hard and attain the dreams and goals that I really want to pursue in the near future.

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