Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Poems for Tuesday-Max McLaughlin

This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams:

With this very small poem taking place in a home and kitchen, the speaker keeps on eating the plums.  What this poem shows us, however, is that eating the same food as another person and eating other peoples food in that same household brings people together.  It forms household bonds and as little as plums are, it still shows a person that the little things matter and the even the littlest things can bring a person together and form a strong bond.

L(a by E.E Cummings:

In this very different but amazing poem by E.E Cummings, a leaf falls down and it overall represents the state of being lonely or loneliness.  The structure of this poem is very different but it is interesting because it makes a reader step back and really think about loneliness and a leaf falling from a tree.  That certain reader will just starting thinking about nature a a person that was lonely in he or shes past.

In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound:

In this poem, the reader is keeping a special eye on the people around him in a very busy subway area.  This is very interesting because the reader is taking in the real world and life around him.  He is witnessing the people doing everyday life tasks and he is also taking in the subway and it being very real to us people in today's society.    

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