Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sean McGrory-iExamen 2

            The iExamen 2 helps to further shape upon traditional Jesuit methods of self-observation. I have chosen to do this practice on a Wednesday since this is my busiest day. I thought it would be a good idea to pick this day because I could really put this practice to work with the large amount of people I interact with. When I first read this assignment I had a lot of assumption about it. I thought that this assignment to be easy and I would have no trouble being kind and truthful to everyone I encounter.
            Though after going a full day of trying to be honest and truth I actually found it difficult and somewhat tiring. I actually learned that it was hard being honest and kind at the same time with my friends and classmates. I found that being honest with my friends sometimes did not always come of as being kind and gentle. The truth can actually really hurt someone’s feelings. One example of this during my day was when one of my best friends asked me to keep a secret for them. It was hard for me to be kind to my friend and keep his secret. I knew keeping this secret meant that I was being deceitful to one of my other best friend it involved. This actually put me in such a big predicament and troubled me greatly.
            I wanted to be loyal to both of my friends but obviously that was not possible. After thinking about it for a while I finally decide to just keep my friends secret to myself. I know that this meant that I broke the one rule of the day to be truthful to everyone but I thought it was the best solution. I would not upset either of my friends in the end. This would mean that I was being kind to both of them.
            I think I have learned a great lesson from this exercise that is you cant always be both kind and truthful all the time. There are conflicts in our lives you have to choose between the two practices knowing that there is not always a right answer to pick. 

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