Thursday, October 18, 2012

Part III of Presentation

"Untitled," by Peter Meinke is about a father who realizes that how he had been treating his son is not right. He wants to change his ways and looks forward to creating a better relationship with his oldest son. He makes it clear that he looks forward to a new beginning because after he apologizes and recognizes that what he had been doing is wrong, he makes a comment about his son “going on 11.” This shows that the speaker is not focused on what is happening, but rather what will happen. 
There are many lines throughout the poem that create many powerful emotions and show how sorry Meinke really is. In lines three and four, for example, Meinke says “whose large and vulnerable eyes have glazed in pain at my ratings," as he thinks back on how innocent and underserving his son actually was. Meinke's choice of words also show how hard he is on himself for what he had done; such as when he says “I have scarred through weakness and impatience your frail confidence forever.” This line shows how hard Meinke is being on himself because, while it is most likely not true that he ruined his son’s confidence forever, that is how Meinke sees it. “Untitled,” overall, is packed with many intense phrases, which really makes the reader feel sorry for both Meinke and the son. I really enjoyed doing my presentation on this particular poem and hope everyone learned as much as I did about it. 

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