Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's poems

l(a: The most important aspect of this poem is its form, as it emphasizes just exactly what the words in the poem are saying; the broken up nature of the words between stanzas facilitates the reader's understanding of the loneliness and brokenness the leaf's falling can symbolize.

In a Station of the Metro: The title of this poem is especially important because the poem itself is very short, and the title establishes the setting and subject; the poem uses a dreary tone to establish the scene of the metro.

This is Just to Say: This poem could be interpreted as slightly humorous because of the way the author splits his apology for eating the plums into three stanzas, almost as if he is having a difficult time admitting what he did--however, the poem could also be symbolic of the concept of fighting temptation and desire.

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