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Gabriella Gizzo                                                                                               10/3/12
Understanding Literature                                                                               Blog Analysis
Discovering Your Principles and Purposes- Good or Bad
            I believe that the readings for this week and my meditation class both had a central theme of discovering your purpose and attaining that purpose.  They focused on this central idea and allowed people to look inside themselves, find their purpose and then go out and fulfill their purpose in the world.  Sometimes the purposes were good, other cases they were bad.  I thought the most interesting part was that even though the purposes in each situation were totally different, they all maintained a specific theme.  The theme is shown through that idea of looking within ourselves, realizing what we want and going after that goal.
            In The Cask of Amontillado, by Edgar Allan Poe, I saw a very dark and twisted side to what a humans’ purpose and goal was.  Amontillado felt that his true purpose was to kill his old friend Fortunato.  Over the years, Amontillado felt a strong hatred through all the teasing and torment from Fortunato.  Therefore, he vowed that he would receive inner peace by attaining revenge.  He did attain this inner satisfaction and peace because he used his own moral principles to seal Fortunato in his own vault.  He literally suffocated him in those walls.  The message was displayed through the authors’ portrayal of finding inner satisfaction with revenge because that was what Amontillado needed to feel whole.  This theme is portrayed in today’s society too because many countries believe that violence is the answer and to just keep on fighting until they are on top, this is especially seen in the Middle East.
            In Ode to American English, by Barbara Hamby, I connected to a very relatable piece of literature because it was talking about American culture and missing the comforts of home.  I felt I related to both of those messages, but especially missing the comforts of home because I left my home to come to Loyola University.  I really enjoyed how the author was constantly reflecting and remembering her favorite parts of the American culture.  My time at Loyola University has allowed me to do the same thing.  I thought back to my home in New York because something, like seeing a family on tour, triggered my memory of my life back home.  Also, I think that even though this poem was written awhile ago, some of the American culture is still the same and it was amazing to see how American culture from back then connected to our American culture today.  This poem brought me great enjoyment because I got to meditate on the principles of the American culture and connect them to my own personal experiences.
            In Suburban, by John Ciardi, this was another poem that displayed a portion of the American culture and American life.  This poem focused more on the simple things in life such as, friends, dogs and flowers.  I found it interesting how relatable this poem was because the circumstances of this poem we all have the potential to go through every day.  The poem explains how a dog “deposited” in the petunias.  I believe the bigger message that the author was trying to achieve a certain image about suburban life.  I live in a suburban area in New York and I love it because I am outside of the city, but still close enough where I can go in the city.  I thought the author tried to explain that suburban life was so different than any other form of life because of the silly, but sometimes annoying problems ( like in this poem) that you have to endure.
            This week my meditation class was especially helpful and intuitive because I actually felt an inner peace created when I meditated.  I felt stronger and more centered because I did this class once before.  I noticed a deep personal change within myself because for that 90 minute class I developed a sense of who I are was person and your principles in your life.  Normally, I live a fast pace and stressed out life because I am constantly doing something.  This meditation class taught me to appreciate and take of myself by connecting with my body.  However, meditation still isn’t easy because it is a learning process.  I struggled with maintaining the right posture and not letting my mind wander because my concentration skills need some work.  I believe though that through this struggling I am finding myself and connecting with who I really am as a person.
            All of the stories and this meditation class show me that it took hard work, determination and precision to complete a task.  The task may or may not be good, but if you feel that you want to complete it you must have the drive from within yourself to accomplish the task.
            All of the stories and this meditation class show me that is takes hard work, determination and precisen to complete a task.  The task may or may not be good, but if you feel that you want to complete it you must have the drive from within yourself to accomplish the task.

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