Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iExamen 2 Ariana Spagna


As a typical human, any one of us would hope the rest of the population that makes up this world is kind, useful, and true.  However, I am sure through much experience, most of us have realized that our society is not all kind, useful, and true.  After doing an experiment on myself for one day, being all kind, useful, and true, I noticed some usual results and reactions of those who I interacted with.
            By no means would I say I am a mean person, but I definitely do not come across as an overly nice person.  So, while doing this experiment, many began to question me on what was up.  I was texting one of my friends who attends Lehigh, who I have not seen in a while and was telling her how much I missed her and could not wait to see her and grab lunch thanksgiving break; her reply; “what’s wrong…are you sick?"  She did not say this as if I was a generally mean person, but because our friendship is a very comical and joking one, yet can be serious at times when I need her advice on something.
            Throughout the rest of the day, I greeted people with warm hellos and started conversations with those whom I did not know. To them, they did not know I was doing this on purpose.  Now, I am not saying I do not say hi to people or engage in conversation or anything of that matter, but let’s just say I did it more often than usual that day.
            Later in the night, my best friend from home called me while I was doing work, which was quite a surprise to me, because she never really has actual phone calls with me (maybe she was doing this experiment and being unusually nice too!).  I answered the phone in a more enthusiastic way, due to her calling and right away she asked what was wrong with me.  I laughed and explained to her that I was happily surprised to receive a phone call from her, because they are so very rare.  Throughout the conversation, she still questioned me here and there if anything was wrong with me, because I was not acting normal.  The friendship I have with her is usual and one of a kind, but that is why she has been my best friend for so long.  Our friendship is majorly based on joking, teasing, unnecessary fighting, and an extreme amount of sarcastic attitude.  To us, that is what we consider normal and without that our friendship would definitely not be the same.  We go to each other when we need help with something and are nice to each other (sometimes!), but the sarcastic attitude and joking is what makes our friendship. 
            Before doing this experiment I definitely did not think I would get so many responses of people with extreme curiosity as to what was going on with me that day.  I knew I would be questioned a little bit, but not nearly as much as I encountered.  After doing this experiment I learned that when being more open and kind to people, you usually get the same treatment in return.  I have especially noticed that the people from around here are nothing like that people where I come from.  In New York, you are lucky if you get a person to hold the door open for you.  Here, I can be fifty feet behind the person in front of me and they will wait and hold the door for me until I reach them, which could potentially lead to the awkward run up to the doors they don’t have to wait forever for your leisurely walking to reach the door, but it is still the effort and thought that counts.  Of course I love New York, but it seems to me that it takes a very unique individual to be a part of Baltimore, especially this campus.  In conclusion, I have enjoyed partaking in this experiment to witness the certain reactions I have gotten, however, felt it may have hindered me a bit.  This is because I felt that I was holding myself back a bit and not being the true sarcastic, (but nice!) person that I usually am.  Taking this into account, I realized that it would not be harmful to my personality to be a little bit more nicer and considerate person.  

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