Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Event Analysis 11/1

            Due to my busy schedule and hurricane Sandy, I was forced to read Father Linnane’s State of the University Address 2012. He began by stating how thankful and proud he is to be the president of Loyola University for 8 years now, from 2005-2012. Throughout the entire speech, which was extremely informative, one line stuck with me. Father is reaching for our University to be, “not one of the leading (catholic universities). The leading (catholic university)”. That alone assured me in my decision in choosing Loyola due to its growth and the Jesuit influence on education and our ways of life. Another thought rose to my attention while listening that tied to our readings from Thursday afternoon. Emily Dickinson once wrote a poem entitled “Tell all the Truth but tell it slant”, and I wondered how I could connect this poem to Father’s speech. Dickinson’s poem, to me, meant that one should always tell the truth, but tell it to favor oneself. In effect alter the story so much as to save one but still tell the truth. After everything Father said, it was all positives about Loyola. While there are many, there are negatives to everything and they should equally be addressed. I felt the address was “slanted” towards a more positive vibe and not so realistic. I am proud to be a Greyhound; there is no mistaking that, however the speech could have been more honest. I also connected his address to “In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound. Loyola took a step back and, under the Jesuit tradition, opened its eyes to those in need around the community. Similar to the character watching the people of the Metro, Loyola realized the community around it needed help and set up organizations and programs to help. Overall I felt the speech was extremely informative and opened my eyes as to why I truly chose Loyola University.

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