Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iExamen 2-Max McLaughlin

A Different Day Than Usual

        This iExamen was very different in its own unique and special way.  I really enjoyed participating in another traditional Jesuit technique of self-observation because it only makes a person stronger.  I chose to complete my observation this past weekend with my family and friends from home.  I usually communicate in a kind and useful way, but when it comes to saying true things, I sometimes say false statements.  At the end of the day, this past Sunday, I was cleansed in the mind, body, and soul.  My mind, body, and soul all were one and were cleansed equally.  
        During the day on Sunday, my family and I went to my grandparents house to watch the New York Giants play the Washington Redskins.  My mom, dad, two brothers, and I all had an amazing time watching the game with our grandparents.  Since I was home, we all decided to change it up a little and watch the game with our grandparents.  My family usually watches the game at my house but since this was a special occasion, we had to go to my grandparents.  When we were watching the game, my family and I were communicating with respect and making useful comments.  I noticed, however, that I was doing the same but making lies and wrong statements.  In regard to the game, I was giving out wrong statistics to players and giving out false information about other athletes in the NFL.  The reason why I made false comments and statements is because I wanted to give my family what they wanted to hear.  I also wanted to sound smarter but in my head, I knew I wasn't getting smarter by lieing.  I honestly don't know why I do it sometimes.  This iExamen made me realize and remember all of the lies I have made in my past with my friends.  They all thought I was sounding smart and cool but to me, I wasn't feeling cool and smart.  I felt bad too because my family agreed with me and said directly to my face that I was right.  I have always heard people say, "Give the people what they want".  Well, I am not doing that anymore.  I always use kind and useful communication but now I will start to add in true statements.  I have never felt good making lies amongst others and I take it as a sign from above that this iExamen was a wake-up call.  I am truly blessed that I have a Jesuit Education, not only in the respect of having great teachers but learning the ways of life out of the classroom.  Communication is huge in life and we should never take it for granted.  We should always talk with respect and not lie.  
        I am also grateful for how I was raised.  My parents taught me well and they said that respect is key in life.  This observation this past Sunday put my communication into a much bigger perspective.  I now know that lieing is wrong and I should not say something false to please people.  I love interacting with people in a respectful manner.  It cleanses a persons mind, body, and soul, but now that I am going to try and stop lieing, I am going to be cleansed at a bigger level.  I did not tell my family that I was going through an experiment because I just wanted to keep it to myself.  I feel that I would respect myself more keeping this project to myself.
        When I returned to school, I gave my friends and people walking around campus kind, useful, and true manners and information.  I achieved something that was small in a lot of peoples eyes but to me, it was a much bigger deal.        

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