Thursday, October 25, 2012

iExamen 2 Katherine Mosher

I completed the iExamen on Saturday when I went home for the long weekend to visit my family. Before I started the iExamen, I thought it would be an interesting experience to observe and monitor my actions to make sure they are all kind, useful and true when speaking with my peers.
            I woke up on Saturday at 11 am. I was in a rush to drive over to the gym for an 11:30 am practice but I made sure I greeted my parents with a “good morning” before I left. As I walked downstairs, I noticed my car keys were missing. My mom shouts from upstairs, “your brother is practicing driving for his driving test, he’ll be back in ten minutes.” Instead of getting angry that I couldn’t leave exactly when I wanted to, I accepted the fact that I would be a few minutes late and waited for the car. During the five-minute delay, I realized that I should never let impatience get the best of me. As soon as my brother walked in, I smiled and thanked him for the car keys. He looked surprised at my reaction, as if he were anticipating an eye-roll or a rant about being late, but he quickly dismissed those thoughts and accepted my kind words.
            As soon as I got to practice, I greeted all my teammates and coaches with a smile and a “hello.” I answered numerous questions about college, Baltimore, living away from home and schoolwork. My teammates and I are not always particularly “kind” when we speak with each other, but we realize that our insults are never malicious. I tried to maintain solely positive comments and avoid sarcasm at all costs. When one of my teammates told me that my personality changed in college, I laughed and told her about the assignment. Listening to my teammates speak with each other taught me that people may perceive your words differently than your intention. I learned that I should pay attention to how I speak with others to avoid any miscommunication. 

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