Wednesday, October 31, 2012

event analysis

Christie Fitzgerald
October 31, 2012
Professor Ellis
Event Analysis

            Because of the hurricane and class cancellations this week, I was unable to physically attend an event for this class. Therefore, I read the attached statement of one of the events we were informed to attend. I read about the “State of the University 2012” spoken by Reverend Brian Linnane last week on October 24th. In the statement, Reverend Linnane discussed not only Loyola’s progress and how respectable all the student and faculty are, but how Loyola can look into the future and do even better. Reverend Linnane discussed how when he first joined Loyola in 2005, the school was beginning their 2008 campaign “Grounded in Tradition, Educating for the Future”. While that is coming to an end in 2013, Revered Linnane encouraged us to not look at it as an ending, but a way to plan our future at Loyola.
            Reverend Linnane continued to address the positive impacts each and every one of the students here have done. He explored how around 75% of Loyola’s graduated students are now working either full or part time, and 25% are enrolled in graduate school. He awarded many of the athletes on making progress as a team. He also mentioned many statistics of how well Loyola has done, including how five Loyola students in four years have received prestigious Fulbright Fellowships. Reverend Linnane’s speech made me realize how honored I am to be a part of the Loyola and Jesuit community.

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