Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iExamen 2- Amanda Vasquez

      I choose to communicate only kind, useful and true things on Friday, October 19th.   Before I started this assignment I thought it would be easy to only communicate under those three conditions because in my opinion I always talk like that to others, but I was wrong. Throughout the day I learned how my words impact others in the wrong way that in the end hurt their feelings.
   When I started my day on Friday I had to wake up at 4:30 A.M. for my train ride home. As soon as my alarm went off I turned it off and really did not want to get out of bed. Then I remembered I had to because I had to be useful for the assignment and my mom would of killed me if I missed my train! As the day went on I was exhausted and I realized it was hard to be kind, useful and true when I wasn’t in a great mood, but I still tried to stay positive to get through the day. I noticed that the morning it was harder to follow this assignment because all I wanted to do was go back to bed but my mom wanted to catch up after she picked me up from the station. I realized that sometimes I need to suck it up and remember these three ways to communicate because I do not want others to think of me in a negative way. By being on the quiet side I could tell that my mom was disappointed that I didn’t want to talk to her so as soon as I started to see my mom feeling that way I communicate with her in a kind, true and useful way.
    As the day went on I noticed that this assignment hindered my personality in a way. I am a very sarcastic person when I communicate with my friends and family. As I refrained myself from talking that way my friends and family started to notice a difference in me. My friends were confused on why I was so quiet and if something was wrong because I wasn’t making any sarcastic remarks or making fun of them on what I usually make comments on. I informed them that I can’t be my full self today because of this assignment and they all started laughing at me. They didn’t think I could communicate under those three conditions for a full day, so that gave me even more motivation to prove them wrong.  From then on they tried to do things that would make me not communicate in a kind, true and useful way. For example my friend Lily was constantly making fun of my driving because she knows I hate when she does that. Instead of telling her to “shut up” I kept my mouth shut and smiled towards her.
   This assignment really taught me a lot about myself. I learned that sometimes I really need to watch what I say and act towards others because I can come off as a rude person. Throughout the day I really needed to think before I said things in order to communicate true, kind and useful things. Before this assignment I thought I did communicate under those conditions towards others but I soon realized that some things I say may upset others a little especially if they don’t know me as well as my close friends and family. This made me more aware of the things I say and really think before I say things. It also taught me that I should take things a little more serious in life sometimes in order to communicate in a kind, true and useful way. 

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